"The Instructors make learning fun whilst encompassing discipline through physical activity which in turn instils self-belief and focus".

James Conroy

"I’m very happy about selecting Krav Maga as a new combat system to follow and practice"

Alejandro Cabrera Gonzalez

"The people I train with are respectful and classes are always good fun"

Victoria Thorne

"It is simple, effective, and builds confidence"

Former Sergeant Cambridgeshire Police

"Everything is focused on efficiency and survival"

Captain Fernandez – Spanish Army

"It changed my perception and analysis of potentially dangerous situations"

Chief Warrant Officer Rudolf Tomasek – Czech Defence Intel Service

"Far exceeded anything I had learnt previously"

Chris Bailey. Security Consultant

"No Self Defence course I’ve taken in the past has been as realistic or effective"

Tyler. U.S. Pilot

"I would not hesitate to recommend Simply Krav Maga. Professional and experienced"

Melanie Goodman

"My fitness levels have improved greatly"

Vernn Lavin

"Continuous improvement in all areas of Self Protection"

Chris Rutter

"Every lesson I’m learning and improving"

Leon Miller