Veritas 2016

Veritas: Latin  - "The Truth"

Veritas 2016 evolved as a response to increasing over-commercialization and mis-information being perpetrated within the UK self protection industry.

Set in rural Suffolk, the Tuddenham venue is a former World War II Lancaster Bomber base providing a range of different environmental settings for an entirely unique training experience.
Focusing heavily on myth-busting, this course challenges many pre-conceived self protection beliefs.
Principle based, simple to learn, and allowing all participants to quickly build both competence and confidence in the techniques presented over the two days, Veritas 2016 is a ‘must' for anyone wishing to learn a range of easily deployable life protection skills based on honesty, achievability and the greatest probability of success in the face of violent conflict.

Veritas 2016 presents a no nonsense approach and brutally honest learning experience for both the absolute beginner wishing to learn essential skills to protect themselves and loved ones, or the experienced martial art or self defence enthusiast looking to enhance their knowledge.

Welcome to Veritas 2016...
...Truth in training


Course Overview

The cost to attend this two day event is £150.00 per person. Please click the ‘Buy Now’ button to secure your place.
Advance booking is highly recommended as spaces are limited.
The course will commence both days at 09.00hrs sharp and conclude at 16.00hrs.
Lunch breaks will be 30 minutes with a series of short snack/hydration breaks throughout the day.

Day 1

Registration, Safety briefing and site information, What is Self Protection? Myth busting, Martial Arts misconceptions, Traditional Martial Arts, Sport, Self Protection: The Differences, Assumed reaction vs real reaction, Understanding fear and adrenal stress, Motor skill deterioration, Types of predators, Situational awareness, The Cooper Colour code, Boyd’s OODA Loop, Strategic principles and the importance of tactical application, 3 step survival strategy, Basic strikes & combatives, Self Defence Law, Negotiating chaos, Short circuit & thought disruption, Pain stimulus & destabilisation, Practical control holds, Managing distance, Weapon delivery systems, Bursting, Debrief, Questions & Answers.

Day 2

Fitness training, Common street defence scenarios, Ground survival tactics, Ground scenarios, Weapon defence on the ground, Knife and edged weapon survival tactics, Traditional martial arts methodology and why it doesn’t work,
The arrow and split arrow position, Simultaneous attack and defence, Controlling the delivery system, Response to multiple angle knife attacks, Pressure testing, Debrief Questions & answers.

Site Information

Upon receipt of payment, full registration and site access details will be sent to all course attendees.

  • Free Camping.
  • On-site water supply.
  • Basic shower, washing & changing facilities.
  • Separate Male and Female toilets.
  • Self-Catering. (No on-site meals provided).
  • On-site shop for snacks & refreshments.
  • Electrical supply for mobile device charging.
  • Single-person tents available for hire £10 each.

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