Simply Krav Maga

Established in May 2011, Simply Krav Maga (SKM) was the first, full-time club to start regular training classes in Cambridgeshire and as a result, has become Europe and the UK's leading, full-time professional and independent Krav Maga School certified to teach CT707 Krav Maga.

Run by Chief Instructor Dave Wignall, the Self Protection training at SKM steers away from the conventional while encouraging students to explore, to question, to grow, to have fun, but above all, to learn how to help defend themselves both efficiently and legally.

SKM was started not only out of passion for the Martial Arts and Self Protection, but also to have a platform to present a different way of thinking and training. This refreshingly new approach has, as time has shown, cut a line through what is readily accepted as 'the norm' within the industry.

What we teach is honest, not assumptive, and based on reality not fantasy. We are proud to say that we uphold the original Krav Maga ethos by teaching techniques and responses that are easy to learn, easy to apply, and not size or gender specific.

This is all backed up with a solid foundation of experienced Co-Instructors who share a passion for honesty in teaching and truth in training. By constantly reviewing, breaking down and analysing what we teach, we can ensure that you receive the best level of training we can offer.

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