Andrew Clifton

Andy was in the first group of Students that joined SKM when we opened our doors in Cambridge in 2011. Since then he has progressed to a very high standard in both his own training and Co-Instructing. A regular attendee to SKM bootcamps and courses, Andy has built and maintained a solid understanding of CT707 Krav Maga, and this is demonstrated by the confidence that other SKM Students show in him.

"Krav Maga is the combination of a devastatingly effective combat framework, awareness, reacting to environments/situations, and the ability to push yourself to give maximum power output for as long as necessary. The training atmosphere at SKM is excellent. Everyone gives it their all and the mutual respect shown for each other is very apparent. Students ask questions about techniques, others listen, and the class discusses. We regularly get the opportunity to push ourselves to the limits of our ability and everyone is constantly learning. From a more personal perspective, Krav Maga is about constantly improving my strength and fitness whilst also being able to practise realist threat situations while reacting as quickly and efficiently as possible. I thoroughly enjoy it and just can’t stop training"

As a member of the Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain, Andy was awarded his 1st Dan Black Belt in 2006 at the age of 18 and competed in many South-West of England Championships. Keen to learn more about Self Protection, fitness and effective fighting techniques, Andy joined SKM in April 2011.